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Finance Issue

Now Available

The January-February 2020 issue of DECA Direct is here!

The Finance Issue will help you take your finance game to the next level. From saving and investing to budgeting and fundraising, you’ll find it here. The issue also features resources and ideas to help your chapter prepare for Career and Technical Education Month® in February.


Lineup Announced!

During #DECAICDC, DECA will host an exclusive night at the Grand Ole Opry House showcasing the Opry show as we know it. Featuring a dynamic lineup and a variety of artists, see why the Grand Ole Opry is “the show that made country music famous.” Unlike a typical concert, the Opry gives the audience a sample of several artists’ musical styles including legends, contemporary artists and newcomers.


Joins MBA Conclave

DECA is pleased to announce that DECA AMPED, a

re-imagined professional learning experience that combines topics on DECA, classroom instruction and business and industry, will be held as part of the MBA Conclave Curriculum & Teaching Conference, October 16-19, 2020, in Denver, Colorado.


Your Way to ICDC

As SCDC is right around the corner, it’s time to look ahead to the pinnacle of our year – the International Career Development Conference in Nashville, Tennessee!

Get ready for four unforgettable days with 20,000 DECA members from around the world as we take on Music City. However, like any week-long trip, the expenses can quickly add up. Often, a lack of funds can prevent members and chapters from attending events like ICDC. Don’t let that happen to you. With a well-planned fundraising effort, anything is possible!

Fundraising often gets a bad reputation for being too hard or not producing the desired outcome. However, by following the six keys to fundraising, you will soon find yourself with money to fund your chapter’s trip to Nashville.


With Purpose

Success is comprised of many elements, but one component worth noting is collaboration. For your DECA chapter or association to thrive, it is valuable to find individuals or organizations that can help you achieve your mission and goals. Forming partnerships allows multiple groups to receive benefits while also contributing to the greater good of their respective markets.

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