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ICDC 2020


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the CANCELLATION of the DECA Inc. Collegiate and High School International Career Development Conferences. The DECA Inc. Board of Directors has officially canceled the High School ICDC (April 28-May 3), and the Collegiate Conference (April 22-25). These conference will not be re-scheduled.

Announcing DECA



February was Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, and many chapters worked hard to advocate in their communities and to their policymakers on behalf of DECA by completing the 2020 DECA Advocacy Campaign.

This year brought another wave of inspiration as students raised money for local charities, wrote powerful letters to their policymakers at various levels, and organized their schools in support of DECA activities.

Best Apps for


A new year means new resolutions, and there’s no better way to kick-off the new decade than taking charge of your financial future. Whether your financial goals this year include getting started with investing or simply creating your first budget, there’s an app for that! Read on for some of our favorite apps for making 2020 your savviest financial year yet.



As SCDC is right around the corner, it’s time to look ahead to the pinnacle of our year – the International Career Development Conference in Nashville, Tennessee!

Get ready for four unforgettable days with 20,000 DECA members from around the world as we take on Music City. However, like any week-long trip, the expenses can quickly add up. Often, a lack of funds can prevent members and chapters from attending events like ICDC. Don’t let that happen to you. With a well-planned fundraising effort, anything is possible!

Fundraising often gets a bad reputation for being too hard or not producing the desired outcome. However, by following the six keys to fundraising, you will soon find yourself with money to fund your chapter’s trip to Nashville.

Choose A College Major in


Many high school students agonize over which major they should choose. But, laboring over a decision and making the decision are two different tasks. Which means you’re making more work for yourself!

Use this simple how-to guide for you to choose your college major in one hour or less.

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